MAXI FIT - fitness equipment

1 - Tai Chi Discs 

Employs the full flexibility around the shoulder and the many muscles that raise and lower the arms and provide shoulder stability. Work the apparatus in various directions and stances. 

2 - Exercise Bike 

Simulates the cycling motion by whilst avoiding imapct stress. 
Exercises the upper and lower legs. 

3 - Cross Country Skier 

Delivers cardiovascular benefits by simulating the cross country skiing motion.  
Experiment with different speeds and levels of effort. 

4 - Hip Twister 

Standing with the spine straight, rotate slowly to stretch position, alternating directions. Easy repetitions over several minutes achieve the best results. 

5 - Slalom Skier 

Mimics the slalom motion to provide cardiovascular exercise. Improve balance and co-ordination whilst working the lower body muscles. 
Ski fit
A fun cardiovascular workout that children will love. To be used by two children working as a pair. Also helps balance and co-ordination 
Bike fit
A fantastic piece of kit for building core strength and toning limbs, helping stability and balance 
Twist Fit
A great starting point to gently warm up. Promote balance and flexibility in the waist. Four children can use together to promote social interaction 

This great value outdoor children’s fitness equipment encourages social interaction whilst exercising. Exclusively available from Playground Projects, it is high quality and has a corrosion-resistant construction. 

Fitness Equipment - Playground Projects
Fitness Equipment - Playground Projects
Fitness Equipment - Playground Projects



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