Here at Playground Projects, we believe that playgrounds can provide children with fun-filled memories that can last a lifetime! 
Here at Playground Projects, we believe that playgrounds can provide children with fun-filled memories that can last a lifetime!  
Playgrounds allow children to explore and have adventures outside of the classroom environment. They are essential for children to express their individual character whilst also developing their emotional, social and physical skills. 
From a young age, one of the most crucial parts of learning is through play, which becomes more complex as they grow. Playgrounds offer an environment where children can engage in free play and come up with their own games and how they would like to play. They can explore different structures, spaces and allows interaction with different age groups, which helps their creative nature to show. Playgrounds are a place where children can be imaginative and problem-solve with different equipment and apparatus. 
Playground Projects offer a wide range of different equipment where children can be active, play together, play alone and enjoy the outdoors. Physically, playgrounds offer the opportunity for children to expand on their gross motor skills and have fun whilst also getting exercise and staying healthy. Children will benefit from strengthening their muscles, improving flexibility, balance and control, all whilst having fun! 
Social development is important for children as it teaches social norms, how to form relationships and interact with others. These are skills that will benefit them in adult life and playgrounds are often busy places where children play together meaning they can engage in lots of useful interaction. They can learn to follow rules, be patient with others, taking turns and getting along with other children on the playground. They may also observe and copy behaviours which may help them problem solve how to do different things on the equipment. They can also learn to share and meet children with different lifestyles to help them understand diversity. 
Physical activity provides a fun distraction from any problems a child may face, and exercise in itself can release chemical endorphins which trigger feelings of happiness in individuals. Playgrounds provide a space to divert attention to a positive activity, instead of misbehaving. Other emotional impacts on a child include teaching how to deal with challenges in a healthy way. They can boost their confidence and self-esteem as they grow and become more able to complete the structures and challenges playgrounds offer. Many children enjoy the breaks playgrounds offer from classroom environments where they can be free, have fun and still learn. 
As you can see there are endless benefits and advantages to playgrounds and learning through play. Head over to our Products page to browse what equipment could be beneficial to you. 
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