A playground provides a safe play place that is accessible for children to build, learn and explore different sensory opportunities. 
A playground provides a safe play place that is accessible for children to build, learn and explore different sensory opportunities. There are huge benefits to children’s development as they engage in physical activity, which helps to develop muscle growth and keep them fit and healthy. They also have the opportunity to engage socially with other children from different age ranges allowing observational learning and imitating behaviour. This will help children problem solve and discover how they will complete different obstacles. Other social skills will include learning to take turns and share with others. Emotionally, children can become more confident in themselves and their abilities and build relationships with other children. Playgrounds can also support and promote good mental health as physical exercise is great for stress and anxiety and can provide a break from the difficulties children may have in classrooms. 
Playgrounds use different surfaces and materials, with some being soft hard or may feel cold or warm, some can be bright in colours, which stimulate the different senses. Our senses need to be stimulated in order for us to build up knowledge about our environment and will control how we react to certain stimuli in adult life. When children play outside on play equipment they can really explore, discover and engage in imaginative play. Children who engage in imaginative role playing are continuously boosting their intellectual growth in ways you may not even consider. They are free to imagine and play whichever character they want, this can be empowering to children as young children tend to be in control of much of their lives. Imagining themselves as different characters where possibilities are endless can be empowering to our little ones, which helps build confidence in themselves. Imaginative play in playgrounds also helps to practice their language skills as they are often constantly talking to friends and learning new vocabulary. 
When considering the environment, playgrounds can be often blend into the environment with the use of colours and materials, so that they do not disturb the environment massively. Some materials such as wood and sand can be created from natural sources so can actually be eco-friendly. Although initially playgrounds can seem costly, they can actually be cost effective as they require little maintenance and can last for up to 10 years. They are also resistant to the weather changes throughout the year as long as they are properly taken care of. With the amount of benefits playgrounds can provide children the cost of the equipment also seems well worth the money. 
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