When considering having a playground installed or updating your old one it can be difficult to know where to start. 
When considering having a playground installed or updating your old one it can be difficult to know where to start. Some of the costs and prices of play equipment may also be quite daunting at a first glance. Here we will provide a small guide on playground prices and breakdown some of the costs, which may help you if you are considering purchasing play equipment. 
Many people may wonder why playground equipment is as expensive as it is but there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration. It is a step by step process and is not just simply the purchasing of the equipment. For example, you will need to consider your budget, the size of the project you have, the number of children you will have using it at once and their age range to ensure the equipment is suitable for them. You will then need to find a suitable supplier and allow the supplier to design and tailor the playground to your needs. The supplier will need to know if there will be any removal of old equipment, which may cost you more, and if the ground is suitable and level for what you would like to be installed. There will then be the final and obvious cost of the actual equipment and installation costs.  
Playground equipment will also differ in price depending on the materials used, some are cheaper than others but may not last as well. It is also important to take into account that depending on the piece of equipment being installed, certain safety features may also be needed to ensure it is suitable for children to use, such as appropriate safety surfacing. 
Here are some different types of playgrounds we have installed with a breakdown of costs to help you compare prices: 
Project One: 
This project is one of our more costly playgrounds at a total of £31,000, but as you can see it is a complete transformation of a playground area that before was very grey and dull and now is bursting with colour and looks much more appealing for children. Although the price seems expensive the school had a range of fitness equipment installed along with different coloured Wetpour around each piece. This surface made from granulated rubber granules is durable, non-slip and impact absorbing, and added £1,050 to this project. 
They also had many playground markings including the multi-use netball/basketball/football court in red Rollplast, an active zone, a daily mile track of footprints, a fitness trail, a hopscotch and a teaching clock. This was the most expensive feature of the playground at £16,040. Football and basketball goals were added , the cost of which was £7,660. 
Project Two: 
This is a slightly cheaper option to help you see the difference in what you can get for your money and compare prices. This school had a range of playground markings to brighten up their playground. For the price of £6,273 the school had parking bays, a large school logo, counting caterpillars, a hopscotch, a compass, a UK compass, a rocket hopscotch, a phonics train and five different shape assortments. If your budget is relatively small this would be a great cost-effective way of transforming your playground. 
Project Three: 
This playground instalment is again one of the slightly cheaper options for those with a smaller budget, with the total cost being £7,950. This playground had one of our popular Maxi fitness apparatus installed, which can fit up to 8 children on at once, including the appealing palm trees at either side of the equipment. They also had high quality matting fitted underneath the fitness equipment for safety as it is non-slip and impact absorbing. The grass will eventually grow through to make it invisible. The cost of this was £1,000. 
If you would like to browse any of our products that may be suitable for your children’s age group or would like to replace some of your old equipment, please get in touch with our team on 0116 402 9099 or view our products here
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